Hailey Bieber is clearing the air about the fan-fueled notion she stole Justin Bieber from Selena Gomez — saying that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Her appearance on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast dropped Wednesday, and they got right into the subject — with host Alex Cooper directly asking if there was ever any overlap between Justin and Selena’s relationship and Hailey’s with Justin … especially right before they got married.

Hailey flatly denies it … essentially saying she’s not a homewrecker and was never romantically involved with JB while he was with another person — Selena or otherwise.

She goes on to say she’s aware the timing of things — especially from the outside looking in — might appear like there was a quick succession of romances, from Selena to Hailey, but she insists she waited.

And, this part will interest Selena fans … Hailey suggests Selena and Justin 2.0 wasn’t as serious as the rest of us thought at the time!

Just to clear up the timeline here … Justin and Selena were hanging out A LOT in late 2017 and seemed to rekindle their relationship through early 2018, until they abruptly split. Soon thereafter, Hailey entered the picture, and before long they tied the knot.

Based on what Hailey’s saying here, it sounds like there’s more to the dynamic (Justin and Selena’s, that is) than the public knows, but again … she’s firm on never having double dipped with Justin while he was with other women.

One more interesting tidbit from her — she says Justin and her getting together might’ve actually been the best thing to help him move on from Selena … even if it looked somewhat quick to the outside world. She also addressed the toxic fandom.


Selena stans have long gone for Hailey’s neck over the idea she swooped JB, but Hailey says those fans simply have it wrong, and hopes they understand that the person they’re hating on from behind a screen is a regular human with emotions.

When asked if Justin or anyone in their circle now has ever asked Selena to try to put an end to the hatred her fans are dishing … Hailey says no — adding Selena doesn’t have to, as she doesn’t owe her anything and that there’s no personal beef between them whatsoever.

She ends by saying she’s spoken with Selena since marrying Justin, and that she respects Selena. HB also finishes by noting, she and Justin know the truth … and they’re at peace.

Source TMZ