Caretaker Minister of Interior, Judge Bassam Mawlawi, said in a statement: “The Ministry of Interior and the security forces continue to carry out their duties in maintaining security and order, despite the difficult circumstances… The Lebanese do not want war, and the security reports that we follow daily do not indicate any expectation of security events.”

He continued, “The social crises resulting from the well-known financial and economic reality make us anticipate the possibility of chaos, and thus the security services remain present, vigilant and in a state of readiness, and this is their duty.”

“We count on the patriotism of the security forces and the awareness of their leaders, so these forces remain conscious and present to serve the country and protect society,” Mawlawi went on, adding that efforts are exerted with the security and military leaders to secure the requirements and needs of security members, including fuel, medicine and salary adjustments despite the difficult challenges.